About Us

Igalaland is about providing African art collectors, both foreign and domestic, with authentic original pieces of African art, both traditional and fine.  Our goal is to educate and conduct outreach seeking art lovers and collectors of all types, Millennials and Generation Z, to expose the art and provide opportunities for collecting original pieces they otherwise would not have.  We at Igalaland have been collecting African art for well over 30 years.  Our boots on the ground representative is a senior Nigeria antiquities leader at the forefront of collecting unique and original pieces. Our representative has been collecting and representing African art for over 40 years and is based in Nigeria. 

This website is focused on both culturally danced mask, headdresses and costumes, statues and African fine art created on the African continent.  We have a wide variety of face masks, dance costumes, and fine African art of all types for collecting.

We ensure that most of our original pieces have a baseline provenance starting with us.  For pieces we have collected in most cases we provide copies of original documents associated with the pieces when imported into the United States.  Many of our pieces come from an area known as Igalaland.  For over 90% of Igalaland pieces, we have the original documentation.

For every piece, we provide a Certificate of Provenance to the collector.

If you have any questions, simply use our contact form to reach out to us, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our prices will always be negotiable.

We want the collector to have our art in their collection!